Awesome Ways to Distract Free Throw Shooters

Jack Blankenship has made himself an overnight celebrity with his giant head of his own face shown during Alabama Crimson Tide basketball games, with one of the photos of him trying to distract a Florida Gators player visiting the free throw line being dubbed “SEC Basketball Photo of the Year”.

Imaginative and fun, Blankenship is the current fad in a long line of trends by basketball fans trying to disrupt shoots by any means (legal) necessary.

Fat Guy on Hawaiian Night (Utah State)

Annoying LeBron James

LeBron James always drew lots of attention, although not as negative as it has been since joining the Miami Heat. Getting that extra attention may have something to do with his career free throw percentage, hovering around the 75% mark.

Getting to Stephen Jackson

Gets my vote as the funniest way of trying to distract a shooter. Credit to the Utah Jazz fans.

Arizona Wildcats Fans

Kevin Love, during his UCLA days, getting some Optical illusion treatment from Arizona fans.

Long Beach State Fans

Games at the Walter Pyramid don’t get too much air time, so it’s always a treat seeing the creative ways 49ers fans find to distract shooters. Movies seem to be the major inspirational source.

UNV vs Duke

The Miss IT! Foundation

Messing With Pau Gasol

Using Borat

Aztecs fans love using big giant heads of film stars or semi-stars. Watching Borat easily takes your eyes off the hoop for some kids.