11 Best Memes of Usain Bolt Crushing the 100 meters race at the Olympics

Usain Bolt doesn't forget

Another Olympic meet, another men’s 100 meters race, another gold medal for Usain Bolt. Memes are a lot bigger now compared to his last gold medal, so they’re out in full force to celebrate his incredible dominance.

Bolt didn’t break the world record, he won’t do it again, and who knows if anyone will ever get to his incredible 9.59. But his smoothness and ease in running and winning just never ceases to amaze, as he beat the competition (Justin Gatlin) in this case by 0.08 seconds, and had his unique combination of confidence and charming arrogance to smile at the camera while crossing the finish line, while everyone else is focused on making it to the 100 meters.

The Crying Jordan memes were obvious, but the funnier ones had to do with the NBA: Comparing Bolt to LeBron James, leaving the Golden State Warriors, and specifically Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson.

My absolute favorite comes from my personal favorite Pixar film, The Incredibles, showing the family instructing Dash to run fast, but not too fast, which looked a lot like Bolt beating everyone and then slowing down, just because he can.

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Images Source: Crying Jordan & Black Adam Schefter