17 Best Memes of the Minnesota Vikings Losing Teddy Bridgewater for the Season

Brett Favre waiting

Just like that, the Minnesota Vikings season goes down the drain, and maybe the future of this franchise is thrown into confusion, as Teddy Bridgewater tears his ACL and suffers from serious knee damage. Yes, even something like that results in memes.

Bridgewater isn’t the kind of player hordes of NFL fans are happy to see injured. No one should be happy to see anyone get seriously injured, but humor sometimes helps takes away the pain. Like the picture of a Teddy teddybear with a cast on his leg. The problem with this injury is that it probably makes the Vikings think about adding a serious, first tier quarterback next offseason, via the draft of free agency/trade.

The moment the reports came out, it was clear something serious happened. No-contract injuries are always bad, and rumors suggested players were vomiting from seeing what happened to him. Bridgewater tore his ACL and displaced his knee, while structural damage was caused. This is the kind of injury that makes players go away for 12 months, maybe more. It might take them much longer to come back to the way they were before, if they manage to do it at all.

Daunte Culpepper was a quarterback the Vikings enjoyed a bit more than Bridgewater, and would have been enjoying for a long time (maybe still today?) if it wasn’t for a horrific knee injury that derailed his career. While the short term thoughts are with Bridgewater, probably still in shock from what happened, focused on finding someone for this season, Mike Zimmer and the people running the franchise have to be thinking about guys in college right now.

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