12 Best Memes of Draymond Green Slapping Someone in a Restaurant

Green arrested

Meme makers got an offseason present from Draymond Green, unable to keep himself out of trouble, getting himself arrested for assaulting someone in East Lansing.

So instead of gushing over Tim Duncan retiring, or getting ready for the Home Run Derby, people had a chance to make more fun of Green and the Warriors, despite Green kinda promising he’ll control himself from now on.

To his defense, he didn’t kick anyone in the groin. He got into a confrontation with someone (a Michigan State player according to reports) in a restaurant, and hit him. A punch? A slap? The only thing the police chief was willing to say was that it wasn’t a shove. An altercation between two men. Serious? Not? When you’re an NBA superstar prone to getting in the news for the wrong reasons, it becomes serious.

The NBA isn’t as punishing as the NFL or MLB for offseason crimes, so Green and especially the Golden State Warriors don’t have anything to worry about, unless more ugly details from this mess rise to the surface. However, if Green thought he had put his impulsiveness behind him, turns out it’s a lot more difficult to do than he imagined.

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