31 Best Memes of Eli Manning & the New York Giants Beating Dak Prescott & the Dallas Cowboys


There is no team in the NFL meme makers enjoy seeing lose than the Dallas Cowboys, forever the most popular/hated franchise in the league. The New York Giants and Eli Manning weren’t great. Dak Prescott wasn’t bad. However, Dez Bryant was terrible, Terrance Williams made a stupid mistake, and so another season begins looking ominous.

Prescott was the talk of the game before and during the first half. A fourth-round rookie who didn’t look like the whole size of the event was bothering him. However, the Cowboys, with a bad defense, needed something more from him, and didn’t get it.

While the Giants looked to have and on-and-off day on offense, the Cowboys just couldn’t get the ball in the end zone when they had the chance, or at least not enough. In the end, trying to tie the game with the clock running down, Williams forgot he needs to step out of bounds. It would have still been a 60-yard kick for Dan Bailey, but it was better than trying to fling the ball into the end zone on a hail mary.

Turns out the Cowboys biggest problem this season, even while Tony Romo is out, won’t be it’s quarterback position, but perhaps it’s defense. The Giants weren’t perfect, but all that money thrown on free agents, along with Jason Pierre-Paul having a full offseason to prepare, seemed to get the job done.

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