20 Best Memes of Clutch Roberto Aguayo & the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Beating the Carolina Panthers

Things keep getting worse for the Carolina Panthers, falling to 1-4, missing a concussed Cam Newton, and losing to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of all teams, conceding a field goal from the awful (up to now) Roberto Aguayo. That kind of collapse from a Super Bowl team is more than meme worthy.

The memes focus on a number of things: The Panthers ‘keep pounding’ slogan, which turns into keep pouting when they’re losing; Cam Newton dabs being turned into jokes, even if he wasn’t even playing; and mostly, the fans, who a lot of them had nothing to do with the Panthers before last season, and now might be searching for a new team. Perhaps go back to the Seattle Seahawks?

It’s not that the Bucs have too many things to be happy about. They scored only 14 points against a bad Panthers defense, and couldn’t finish a game against backup quarterback Derek Anderson earlier.

However, second-round (!!!) pick, kicker Roberto Aguayo, had himself  a happy ending to the weekend: First, Florida State beat Miami. And now, after being turned into a laughing stock for his inaccuracy as a kicker, he nailed a 38-yard field goal as time expired to win the game.

panthers-in-15-panthers-in-16 still-pounding-or-nah curry-keep-pounding-crying-jordan 15-1 panthers-crying-jordan-players panthers-suck-again laces-out-finkle-jameis-winston not-pounding carolina-kittens jerry-richardson-crying-jordan panthers-1-4 winners-get-sprinkles welcome-back-panthers-fans 1-4-dab empty-panthers-bandwagon bucs-kicker aguayo-finally-made-a-field-goal carolina-used-to-be-good cam-newton-crying-bandwagon happy-aguayo