Best Memes of Angelina Jolie Divorcing Brad Pitt


Whether it’s cheating with Marion Cotillard or simply parenting style arguments, Angelina Jolie filing for divorce from Brad Pitt took over the Internet, as the end of Brangelina sparked a meme or two to make fun of the event, hinting that somewhere in the universe, Jennifer Aniston is smiling.

The rumor mill suggests two things: That Jolie wasn’t happy with Pitt’s parenting style, whatever that means. The more juicy rumor is that Pitt, starring alongside Cotillard in the upcoming film Allied, was cheating on Jolie with the French star, and after a private detective revealed the affair Jolie dumped him.

What that Aniston have anything to do with it? Well, if you were around and listening to news circa the mid 00’s, Pitt left Aniston for Jolie after starring alongside her in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, birthing the Brangelina nickname.

So if there’s a winner here, it’s Aniston. The rest? There’s nothing happy about a couple getting divorced, not to mention their six children. But when it’s the rich and famous, who seem to have a much better life than us anyway, it’s not that surprising that the popular reaction is mockery.

jolies-kids-crying-jordans brad-pitt-crying-jordan bye-bye hoes-aint-loyal-meme

Not sure who the hoe here is. Probably Pitt.

brad-pitt-jennifer-aniston-meme real-news closure-meme

jennifer aniston fuck you rachel rachel green friends

And of course, there are those who don’t give a f*** about Celebrity business, or just don’t think that making fun of someone’s personal life is funny. Those people probably didn’t press the link to this post anyway: