32 Best Memes of Cam Newton & the Carolina Panthers Wrecking Carson Palmer & the Arizona Cardinals

The NFC Championship game turned into a very one sided affair, with memes mostly making fun of the Arizona Cardinals and especially Carson Palmer for his turnover filled game, while Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers made the most of that opportunity, moving along swimmingly to the Super Bowl.

Palmer, in a conference championship for the first time in his career, threw four interceptions (three of them in the final quarter with the Cardinals desperate to come back) and lost two fumbles in a disastrous game for him and his team, while the Panthers, not just the best team in the NFL this season but also the happiest, made them pay for every mistake.

The progress of the Panthers and especially Newton, backed by a strong running game and an excellent defense, is almost complete. From a team that makes the playoffs, to winning a playoff game, to dominating in the postseason, not letting home field advantage slip away. They’re going to be favorites against the Broncos in the Super Bowl, with no feelings of insecurity of inferiority just because it’s the first time for them as a group.

Turns out that their first half against the Seattle Seahawks wasn’t a fluke. The Panthers are that good, only this time they didn’t take their foot off the gas pedal. They crushed the Panthers, and kept squeezing until the game was over, not leaving any doubt about who is the best team in the NFC.

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