32 Best Memes of the Chicago Cubs Beating Clayton Kershaw & the Los Angeles Dodgers

The Chicago Cubs aren’t afraid of goats, curses or anything else. Their NL Pennant win, their first in 71 years, sent the meme universe into overload, celebrating their World Series appearance, and the choke-job done by the Los Angeles Dodgers and Clayton Kershaw.

Maybe it’s not fair to call it choking. Sometimes it’s simply losing. But the world of sports, and baseball as well, isn’t fair. Kershaw looked great in his first appearance in this series, but with the season on the line, he delivered one of his worse, as the Dodgers continue to stumble at the finish line despite their consistent regular season success.

And the Cubs? While they have some big stars on this team, they’ve viewed as one big unit on a mission to change history, and to erase what isn’t just the most famous championship drought in baseball, but all of sports in North America.

No Steve Bartman anymore. Only a celebrating Bill Murray. An entire city that’s used to disappointment from anyone not playing inside an arena has turned it’s attention to the Cubs. The entire nation, a rare occasion when it’s baseball, will be tuning in as well. A lot of people will be rooting for the Indians, a team without a title since 1948, but the Cubs winning will be one of the biggest stories in sports not just for 2016, but this decade.

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