41 Best Memes of Cam Newton, Graham Gano & the Carolina Panthers Choking Against the Denver Broncos


The NFL season opened with so much meme-worthy material: Graham Gano choking and missing a potential game-winning field goal, Cam Newton getting concussed (probably) by a violent Denver Broncos defense, the Carolina Panthers not taking advantage of Trevor Siemian like they should have, and somehow Harambe also made it in.

Gano is probably the biggest loser of the season opener, promising minutes before the kick that would have won the game (Broncos won it 21-20) that in Denver’s stadium, he can probably hit field goals from 60 yards. So he got his chance to win it for Carolina from 50 yards, and missed.

And Cam Newton? Well, he broke the record for rushing touchdowns by a quarterback when he’s only in his sixth NFL season. He was head hunted by the Broncos defense, hitting him in the head with helmet-to-helmet blows 3 times, although the refs called it just once. Newton didn’t go through a concussion protocol in the end. Damn the rules when the game is on the line, it seems. He didn’t seem like he knew what he was saying in the press conference. Not a good sign.

And the trend of kneeling during the national anthem. It’s not exactly spreading like wildfire. Brandon Marshall of the Broncos kneeled. He was one of the players who tried taking Newton’s head off. He also got hurt during the game and had to leave. Karma?

Maybe the funniest meme was Newton flossing his teeth on the sidelines. As someone mentioned, there’s probably some soccer mom calling the TV network about it, blaming Newton for destroying the children. He’s actually advocating for dental health.

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