27 Best Memes of the Cincinnati Bengals Choking Against the Pittsburgh Steelers

There was plenty to pick on for meme makers from the Cincinnati Bengals choking against the Pittsburgh Steelers in their Wild Card playoff game: Jeremy Hill fumbling the ball, Vontaze Burfict delivering a disgusting hit and Adam “Pacman” Jones delivering the final blow, only to his own team.

Hill fumbled the ball. It happens on a rainy day, although it started the chain of reaction that kicked the Bengals, on the verge of winning their first playoff game in 25 years, from the postseason. Later, Vontaze Burfict knocked out Antonio Brown (concussion) to help the Steelers move up the field, and while he was tended to, Adam Jones got into a fight with Joey Porter (a Steelers coach now) on the field, leading to another penalty and field goal range for the Steelers.

Yes, we saw some disgusting hits from the Steelers as well. And Porter shouldn’t have been on the field taunting Bengals players. And the officials lost control of this game by not throwing out players. But how stupid can Burfict and Jones be to cost their team the game and much more this way?

Andy Dalton has been to the postseason in each of his NFL seasons, only this time he was injured, missing the annual disappointment. Instead, it was A.J. McCarron, stepping up in the fourth quarter to deliver the Bengals into the promised land, only to see two idiots take it away.

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