36 Best Memes of Stephen Curry & the Warriors Beating LeBron James & the Cavs

Not getting a ring

Order has been restored: Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors are en route to win another NBA championship, while meme makers have LeBron James to make fun of again.

The Cleveland Cavaliers couldn’t take care of business on their home court, letting the momentum of their blowout win in the third game disappear, ¬†crumbling in a terrible second half to go down 3-1 in the NBA Finals. James looked like the player who couldn’t cope with the pressure and expectations in previous finals losses, letting a troll like Draymond Green get to him.

Andre Iguodala did everything the Warriors needed without bloating up his stats, Curry got his mojo back and Klay Thompson too. So what if Curry’s new shoe line sucks? They’re perfectly good to photoshop onto LeBron James’ head for comedic effect.

The Cavaliers aren’t in the Eastern conference anymore, but you can expect a team to be a bit smarter. Turns out those expectations weren’t in place: With Kevin Love returning, the Cavaliers once again looked lost on defense, and even if they’ve had moments of clarity in this series, it just look too difficult of a feat to win three games in a row, let alone even one more. It’ll be shocking if the next memes gallery has a positive spin for LeBron and co.

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Images via NBA Memes