38 Best Memes of LeBron James & the Cleveland Cavaliers Destroying Stephen Curry & the Golden State Warriors

Stephen Curry Losing Meme

We have a game 7, as meme makers focus on LeBron James & the Cleveland Cavaliers beating up Stephen Curry & the Golden State Warriors, while Ayesha Curry, wife of the MVP, gets plenty of attention too, for all the wrong reasons.

Ayesha loves tweeting, and has been obviously more active in the finals. However, whining about the officials has got her plenty of negative attention, and really isn’t helping her husband. Her more recent tweet just after Curry got ejected for throwing his mouthpiece at no one in particular was eventually deleted, and she might be considering muting her Twitter action until the Finals are over.

In basketball terms, this was another game of the Cavaliers looking ready right off the bat, and LeBron James delivering an incredibly dominant stretch from midway through the third quarter to the end of the fourth, keeping the Cavaliers out of the Warriors reach, finishing with 41 points for a second consecutive game, setting up a game 7.

Are the Warriors choking? Not far from it. They’re still favorites to win the series: If Curry and Thompson get going, it’s almost impossible to stop them. But you can say the same about the Cavaliers when James is playing an all-time level, not to mention making his jumpers. In a series that’s turned into isolations vs isolations, with LeBron James blocking Curry and mocking him openly, the Cavaliers suddenly feel pretty comfortable.

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