27 Best Memes of LeBron James & the Cleveland Cavaliers Firing David Blatt

While the Cleveland Cavaliers are insisting firing David Blatt had nothing to do with LeBron James, the memes are insisting it’s quite the opposite.

And it’s hard to believe that it has nothing to do with James and his agent Rich Paul, reportedly trying to dethrone Blatt since the day James returned to his first NBA team. In the end, they got their wish, despite Blatt coaching the Cavaliers to the NBA finals on his debut season in the league, and Cleveland going 30-11 so far in 2015-2016, the best record in the Eastern conference.

Lue getting a three-year deal the day Blatt was fired means this was bound to happen any day. The Cavs won two games since the humiliating home loss against the Warriors. Turns out the decision was made then, and the Cavaliers firing him a week later just shows how little it had to do with results, and with something that’s been on hold for a while.

James now has full control of this orginization, something he tried to pull off in Miami but couldn’t, because Pat Riley wouldn’t have a player being the number one player in the orginization. The executive structure in Cleveland is weaker, more fragile, allowing James to make a mockery of the hierarchy, which results in an even more ridiculous situation because the Cavaliers are denying it so strongly.

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