16 Best Memes of LeBron James & the Cavs Beating the Raptors

The series between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Toronto Raptors is perfect for meme makers, having an opportunity to big up LeBron James, while making fun of Jurassic Park, Raptors fans, the DeRozan-Lowry backcourt and Drake.

Right now, this looks like a sweep in the making, just like the last three series the Cavaliers have played in the Eastern Conference playoffs. LeBron James isn’t even trying to do too much on his own. Everything he, Kyrie Irving and the others are doing seems so easy and uninterrupted, it’s hard seeing the Raptors actually interfering at some point.

And it’s going to be sad if the best season in the history of this franchise, including regular season wins and how far they’ve gone in the postseason, ends by getting swept. The Raptors need to at least make the next games competitive, losing by 31 points, followed by “only” 19. If you put those numbers on a graph, they’re actually moving in the right direction.

Sadly for Toronto, it’s really not up to them. Sure, Lowry could play smarter and Dwane Casey could stop trying to force three pointers on each possession. However, when you’re inferior in almost every position if not all of them, it’s difficult making that much of a difference.

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Images Source: NBA Memes & Crying Jordan