22 Best Memes of USC, Oklahoma & LSU Humiliated in Week 1

USC Crying Jordan

The first weekend of the 2016 College Football Season offered three meme-worthy losses: USC getting destroyed by Alabama, number 3 Oklahoma getting upset by Houston, and number 5 LSU stunned by Wisconsin.

USC were ranked as well heading into the weekend (number 20), but losing to Alabama, the #1 team in the country and the defending national champions, wasn’t a surprise. It was just the ease in which the Crimson Tide did it, beating USC 52-6, the biggest opening game loss for the Trojans ever, which left such an impression.

The other losses shouldn’t be that surprising. Houston are now peaking with their quarterback Greg Ward, and Tom Herman is probably the best head coach outside the power 5 conferences. He’ll either leave Houston at some point, or see the Cougars being introduced into the Big 12, which is an incentive to stay. In any case, he’s doing terrific job with a team in the American conference in an area that’ fantastic for recruiting.

And LSU at Wisconsin? This is what happens when an SEC team dares to leave the South or a neutral stadium, and more teams should do it. Maybe it’ll cause losses, but it gives a much better indication of how strong or not SEC teams are. Wisconsin aren’t that strong of a team, but playing this game in Green Bay instead of Atlanta or Dallas made a huge difference.

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