18 Best Memes of Clemson Stunning Alabama in the College Football Championship Game

Ding dong, the big bad wolf of College Football is down for the count. Clemson stunned Alabama with a last-second touchdown pass by Deshaun Watson to kick off a slew of memes making fun of the Crimson Tide, Nick Saban, and produce a lot of smiling Lane Kiffin faces, for the first time on the positive side of memes.

Saban missed out on a chance to further cement his place in Alabama and College Football history. I’m not sure if his tear at the end was for himself or for his team, which was on the brink of making history, but will now go down the same road as the 2007 New England Patriots, 2015 Warriors and 2005 USC.

Meanwhile, the Tigers made not only the people in South Carolina (parts of it at least) happy, but most of college football. The only people rooting for the tide were Gamecocks fans and Alabama fans. The rest? They were wearing orange, at least in their minds.

Kiffin might be the real winner here, as enjoying someone’s else’s misery is a special feeling. Kiffin was supposed to call this game as the Offensive coordinator, but Saban ushered Kiffin’s exit and put Steve Sarkisian in his place. Sarkisian’s calls didn’t lose Bama the game; their defense unable to force enough turnovers and come up big when it mattered was just as crucial. But someone in Boca Raton is probably very happy right now.