20 Best Memes of Michigan State Getting Crushed by Alabama in College Football Playoff

The College Football Playoff shouldn’t be this one sided, and Michigan State got embarrassed on national TV against a merciless Alabama side, with meme makers picking on Mark Dantonio, Derrick Henry and his teeth and mostly Michigan State fans.

There’s something less glamorous about the CFP this year. Maybe because it’s a second time, but perhaps because of the feeling that these aren’t the top 4 teams in the nation, or just some national powerhouse missing from the picture. This is mostly pointing at Michigan State who spoiled a Ohio State – Alabama mega rematch, and got torched while playing in the big boys field.

Michigan State lost 38-0 and simply looked like they don’t belong on the same football field. Outpaced, overpowered, demolished and dissected into little pieces, left to cry their way off the field. Michigan State fans in the stands couldn’t wait for the experience to be over, but somehow waited for something to change and happen, although everyone knew it was going to end badly.

So now it’s Clemson and Alabama, something of Southern final, although it’s the ACC and SEC going at it, even if ESPN is trying to claim the Tigers as part of the conference they keep trying to shove down everyone’s throat. From the four teams that arrived, this is the best possible matchup in terms of quality, but who knows if it would have been this easy for the Crimson Tide had they played Oklahoma in the semifinal and not a Michigan State that made it further than they should have.

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