15 Best Memes of Carson Wentz & the Eagles Crashing & Burning Against the Giants

This season is suddenly looking a little less bright for the Philadelphia Eagles and rookie Carson Wentz, the focus of the memes in the aftermath of their loss to the New York Giants.

After starting the season 3-0, the Eagles have lost four of their last five games, including two in a row to division rivals and all 3 games against NFC East teams so far. Wentz no longer looks like a rookie sensation, but like someone who is going through the highs & lows of their first NFL season. The Eagles were built to need more than that.

And when Eli Manning looks efficient and dependable next to you, then you know there’s a problem. The Eagles defense has lost all the credit it got during the first month of the season, the running game can’t do much, and they suddenly look like the weakest team in the division.

Wentz isn’t a bad quarterback, but he becomes an excellent example of why not to get too excited about a rookie quarterback, even a fantastic month to start off his career. It often has a lot more to do with the system around him than being some sort of prodigy himself.

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