21 Best Memes of the Dallas Cowboys Losing to the New York Jets & Not Making the Playoffs

It’s over for the Dallas Cowboys, as the memes clearly show: No playoffs this year, officially, with their slightly delusional remaining hopes ended by the New York Jets.

As those with experience in the NFL meme universe would expect, the memes have nothing to do with the team not named the Dallas Cowboys, except for one big brother moment between the Jets and the Giants, who share a division with the Cowboys, and lost the season opener to Dallas, back when Tony Romo was completely healthy, and they looked like possibly the best team in the NFC.

The crappiness of the NFC East and the Cowboys actually winning a game without Romo put fear in the hearts of haters everywhere that the Cowboys, carried by a good defense and an exceptional kicker, might actually slip through into the postseason, but they can now relax in the knowledge that for the fifth time in six years, the Cowboys are out of the postseason.

So Tony Romo promising a Super Bowl, and telling Tom Brady he’ll see him in February? He’ll have to keep those promises next year, with the Cowboys hoping that this time he doesn’t fall apart physically before October arrives.

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