23 Best Memes of D’Angelo Russell, Nick Young & Iggy Azalea Snitching Drama

The funniest¬†memes, as it turns out, are made about the least important stuff in the sports world: Gossip. Like D’Angelo Russell filming Nick Young hinting that he cheated on his fiancee Iggy Azalea, the video leaking to the internet and resulting with everyone calling the Los Angeles Lakers rookie a snitch.

And it’s bad enough the Internet is calling him that. It seems his teammates, or at least some of them, are treating him like one too. Before the Lakers game against the Miami Heat, reports came of Russell getting ignored in the locker room. He even hired security. Both he and Young addressed the media, saying what they’re expected to say. Russell apologized and said he’s crushed about what happened. Young said they’ll deal with it within the team.

In the game itself, there were moments when it looked like Russell was being ignored by teammates. It was quite clear in the previous game too when Lou Williams had the ball. Ignored or not, Russell still took 19 shots (missing 13 of them) as the Lakers stunned the Heat. Kobe Bryant not playing helped a lot, as he was sitting, broken down and iced up on the bench.

Will this end with Russell being traded by the Lakers? That’s too soon to tell. Bryant did something similar to Shaquille O’Neal during their early days together. Russell isn’t Bryant, but the initial reaction might not hold on during the offseason. No one is saying Young and Russell will be good friends ever again, but these things often get blown out of proportion earlier on before simmering down.

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