31 Best Memes of LeBron James & Kyrie Irving Torching the Golden State Warriors

Not going back to Wade

The NBA Finals series lives on thanks to Kyrie Irving and LeBron James putting on a show against the Golden State Warriors, making the memes treat them nicely for once.

The combination of 41 points from each player didn’t just result in positive memes for the Cavaliers. Kevin Love had just two points, so a few people had to point that out and make fun of him being part of the so-called big 3. Maybe it’s a big 2 by now.

There was also the disappointing performance from the Warriors (Except for Klay Thompson) in the absence of Draymond Green. Harrison Barnes was disastrous, and Andre Iguodala didn’t pick up the slack Green left on the floor.

Maybe this was all for nothing, and simply opens up the opportunity again for the Warriors to celebrate a championship in Cleveland. However, as different as the game might be with Green on the floor, James and Irving might have just figured out how to give themselves the best chance of coming back from 1-3 down. The odds are still stacked against them, but they stay alive, which was the whole purpose of showing up.

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