Memes of LeBron James Balding Make the Offseason Funnier

Without training camps starting, all there is for meme makers to do is lean on past achievements and old jokes. However, making fun of LeBron James and his receding hairline doesn’t seem to actually get old.

James is no longer the NBA’s villain, at least not for now. Winning a third NBA championship and first for the city of Cleveland, along with the Golden State Warriors annoying people for their arrogance and success, along with Kevin Durant choosing to join the of all teams, resulted in this new “evil” hierarchy, helping James gain some popularity points with haters, or at least being ignored by them for now.

However, hair jokes aren’t off limit. Maybe it’s because it changes due to special hair spray he uses from time to time, the disappearance of his sweat band on the head, or anything else. But James’ hair situation continues to interest people for some reason. Even we seem to care about it, although it’s difficult to pinpoint why. It really shouldn’t be this intriguing.

This latest meme is a riff on the LeBron James evolution: From skinny (relatively) high school player in Akron, to his first incarnation with the Cavaliers, to LeBron in Miami, and on to James returning to Cleveland. Instead of focusing on the changing jersey or the dunk motion, the writing directs you to the disappearing portions of his hair. It’s old, but it works.