25 Best Memes of Kirk Cousins & the Washington Redskins Making the Playoffs

The memes had plenty of material thanks to Kirk Cousins taking a knee instead of spiking the ball, the Washington Redskins making the playoffs, the Philadelphia Eagles losing again and the New York Giants being left out of the postseason before they even take the field.

Cousins has really put himself in a new level and category of quarterbacks this season. Not just playing better than ever before, but also turning himself into a meme with his ‘You like that’ moment. Now he also has his knee instead of spike moment which people won’t let him forget.

The Redskins might not be very good, but they got hot at the right time to leave a crippled division behind. A Giants team without a postseason for four years in a row, an Eagles team that failed to re-invent itself during what is now considered a terrible offseason, and the Dallas Cowboys, who were doomed the moment Tony Romo was injured.

And that’s enough for the playoffs. The Redskins have been away for two very bad years, but turns out that leaving Robert Griffin III on the bench and going with their second drafted quarterback of 2012 worked out very well, even if it took people some time to realize it.

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