20 Best Memes of LeBron James Flopping Against the Toronto Raptors

The Cleveland Cavaliers losing in the postseason for the first time was a great opportunity for meme makers to get creative, with some more Crying Jordan photoshops, memes about LeBron James flopping and also the greatness of Bismack Biyombo.

But as good as the Raptors and Biyombo were in game 3, it’s James falling down after getting hit in the face by his own teammate, Tristan Thompson, that caused the most uproar.

James lost his balance and fell while trotting backwards, but the way the league and especially James is viewed, any time he falls down, regardless of hit happening on purpose or not, everyone overreacts and immediately turns to the Flop term, which is funny, but not always true.

The two players who deserve more fun being made of them are Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love with a disastrous performance, but James, no matter what happens, is always the one with a bullseye on his back, and these days, a Crying Jordan on his face.

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Images via NBA Memes & Crying Jordan