30 Best Memes of LeBron James & the Cleveland Cavaliers Celebrating an NBA Championship

Jordan Pippen Curry

It’s been a week since the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James stunned the Golden State Warriors, winning the NBA championship. The memes haven’t stopped coming.

J.R. Smith has probably put on a shirt by now, and Stephen Curry is probably into one of the later stages of getting out of bed and realizing there’s another day. James can tell him all about it, admitting he hardly left the house after losing the NBA championship in 2011. Life goes on, and there’s another season just around the corner.

Good series or not, Kevin Love is an NBA champion. Maybe he had an awful series, matching up terribly against the Warriors. But he played one hell of a defensive possession to stop Curry from hitting a three pointer. Everyone does a little bit to carry James and Kyrie Irving towards glory, That was what Love brought. It was an expensive defensive possession considering his contributions during the series on offense.

J.R. Smith stole the show with his tears and later with his partying, when even President Barack Obama told Tyronn Lue to get Smith a shirt. Some of these championships’ feeling doesn’t last for very long. This time, because of the historical meanings regarding James, and maybe especially because it happened to a team from a city that forgot what a title looks like, the celebration seems to go on strong, even when we approach July.

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