11 Best Memes of the 2016 NBA Draft

Thon Maker Meme

In a draft night filled with surprises, the meme makers chose to focus on Ben Simmons going to the Philadelphia 76ers, and Thon Maker getting picked after all, despite his age.

Maker makes an interesting story. But instead of being on the right side of it – immigrant making it to the NBA after growing up in one of the harshest way possible, he’s being put under a huge magnifying glass, as no one seems to believe he’s a teenager, with assumptions instead closer to 22-23. Good luck to the Milwaukee Bucks, who seem to value length more than anything else.

Simmons, the number one overall pick, is another funny case. After a somewhat disappointing freshman, one-and-done season at LSU, Simmons managed to keep his stock price high. He didn’t do himself any favors by not working out for the top teams in the draft. But he was still the favorite to get taken number one overall.

Only when he realized that the 76ers weren’t going to trade the pick and that he isn’t going to play anywhere else, he started “trusting the process”. The Sixers might not be too bad next season, but Simmons was obviously hoping to play somewhere else.


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