21 Best Memes of Odell Beckham & the New York Giants Getting Schooled by Cam Newton & the Carolina Panthers

The New York Giants losing to the Carolina Panthers brought out plenty of interesting memes, most of them focusing on Odell Beckham acting like an entitled little kid, Josh Norman making life difficult for him, Cam Newton keeping on the winning while Jason Pierre-Paul can’t catch footballs.

But Beckham, maybe the most exciting wide receiver in the NFL today, stole the show. How Tom Coughlin didn’t pull him out or the refs didn’t throw him out of the game is beyond me. He did everything he possibly could to pick up some attention, yet stayed in the game, mostly left frustrated by the excellent defense on him, until his fourth quarter touchdown which almost sent the game to overtime.

The Panthers didn’t flinch and simply used the 106 seconds left to march down the field and score a game winning field goal. Eli Manning was left staring at blank space once again, Beckham was thinking how much of a fool he was (or maybe not) and the Giants got closer to being out of the playoffs for a fourth straight season.

While it’s not nice to make fun of someone like Pierre-Paul, it was hard not to smile when he attempted to deflect a pass (or even catch it) with his huge cast on his deformed hand. He’s done quite well for someone who is missing one finger and more, but there are moments when he doesn’t look like he belongs on a football field.

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