23 Best Memes of Russell Wilson & the Seattle Seahawks Choking Against the Atlanta Falcons

The Seattle Seahawks might be nearing the end of their run as championship contenders, with the memes enjoying pointing that out after their painful playoff loss to the Atlanta Falcons, which was all about Russell Wilson looking ordinary, with A-Town rapper Future getting a reason or two to smile.

The whole Future-Wilson-Ciara angle might have had 0 effect on the game, but it adds a lot of firepower to meme makers, who love making fun of Wilson at every possible opportunity. Richard Sherman is another easy target, especially when he actually gets torched by someone as unstoppable as Julio Jones.

The Falcons? There isn’t a mocking, gloating feature to this team, not yet. Trash talkin teams are better for these meme lists, but the Seahawks do enough of that for both teams. Pete Carroll whining on the sidelines at every referee decision is another very mockable trait, especially when they lose.

The Seahawks are one of those teams that enjoyed a large bandwagon following in recent years on the national level. They’ve always been extremely popular in Seattle, but the last two seasons have probably hurt the brand’s strength, and one has to wonder if this is stagnation, or another step on the way down.