20 Best Memes of Laremy Tunsil, Ezekiel Elliott & the 2016 NFL Draft

Draft night in the NFL is always a meme gold mine. This time, Laremy Tunsil and Ezekiel Elliott provided the best sources for humor.

Tunsil was earlier projected to be the number one draft pick in the 2016 draft. However, trades and some inside information made him slide before draft day. Then came his bong video on Twitter (someone hacked his account) and he fell to number 13 overall, joining the Miami Dolphins. If that wasn’t enough, he followed it up by admitting he took money from coaches at Ole Miss, while his Instagram account was also hacked, showing an exchange between him and an Ole Miss coach, asking for money so his mom could pay her electric bill.

Jack Del Rio, the Raiders head coach, said things that surprise reprotes and the general public might not be that surprising to NFL teams, who do a lot of background digging, especially on projected first rounders.

The other star was Ezekiel Elliott, the former Ohio State running back who went fourth overall, joining the Dallas Cowboys. He honored Eddie George while playing for the Buckeyes by wearing a crop top jersey, and did the same on draft night, which looked weird more than anything else.

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