40 Best Memes of 2015

    From the New England Patriots cheating & the Seattle Seahawks and Pete Carroll messing up on the goalline through Stephen Curry making LeBron James lose another NBA Finals and Floyd Mayweather beating Manny Pacquiao to Ronda Rousey getting knocked out and Steve Harvey making miss Universe infamy, these are our favorite memes of 2015.

    So what did we have in 2015? Daniel Murphy lighting up in the playoffs until he ran into the Kansas City Royals. We had Oregon destroying Florida State and Jameis Winston, but then looking too much like the Oakland Raiders in the final against Ohio State and Cardale Jones. We had Bill Belichick and Tom Brady denying any wrongdoing, and then Pete Carroll throwing the ball on the goal line with Marshawn Lynch waiting, this time with nothing to do with fines.

    We saw Wisconsin ruin Kentucky’s perfect season with everyone rejoicing, and in the NBA playoffs, we saw Kelly Olynyk dislocate Kevin Love’s shoulder, Rajon Rondo thrown off the team, the Los Angeles Clippers choking, Matthew Dellavedova breaking ankles, Derrick Rose hitting buzzer beaters (and still losing), LeBron James leaving empty handed again while Curry was smiling.

    Later in the year? Steve Harvey, like the Kevin Durant ‘Da MVP’ meme, is used for everything and every mistake someone makes. The Chip Kelly 30 for 30 meme became true once he got fired. Ronda Rousey talked too much, flew too close to the sun and got knocked out, while Connor McGregor capped off an incredible year with 13 seconds and a knockout of Jose Aldo.

    Sam Dekker Kentucky Meme Mayweather hugs men, beats women JPP Madden Rating Patriots Deflated Trophy Luck-Y Charms

    Ray Finkle Josh Scobee Dez Didn't Catch It Boyz n the hood Ronda Rousey DeMarco Murray villain Curry Paul Breaking Ankles 50 Surgeries of Derrick Rose UFC and Chill Meme

    Sweep the Leg Prove it Aaron-Hernandez-Meme Straight-outta-teeth Dellavedova Mem More Patriots Cheating Daniel-Murphy-Inigo-Montoya

    Not-LeBron Look like the Raiders, play like the Raiders Steve-Harvey-Miss-Universe-Meme- LeBron James game 1 Four times a cheater Rockets Back from the Dead Brock Osweiler I'm the Captain Now

    Four NBA Finals Losses Game Blouses D-Rose Meme No SEC Team Rajon Rondo Dumped Chef Curry Curry vs Delly They-aint-that-good

    Odell-Beckham-for-the-rescue D Dislocating-the-comments Indianapolis Colts Snap Meme Chip Kelly 30 for 30 Wrong Button Simpsons-Lynch

    If you lasted until now, hope you had a great year, and will have an even better one in 2016.