27 Best Memes of the Buffalo Bills Losing & Darrelle Revis Getting Destroyed


The second Thursday Night Football game of the season resulted in two kinds of memes: Those making fun of the Buffalo Bills, Rex Ryan and their fans for losing to the New York Jets, and those ridiculing Darrelle Revis, having another bad day at the office.

Revis used to be the best cornerback in the NFL, and although the Jets won, the reaction to his performance is even stronger and more vicious than in week 1, when A.J. Green abused him. This time it was Marquise Goodwin, who scored an 84-yard touchdown with Revis falling to try and stop him, the longest completion at home in Bills history, with Revis’ name now attached to it. At some point, the Jets are going to stop putting him on the good receivers, and either give him some safety help, or turn him into one.

But as for the Bills, well, it’s probably not going to be their season, again. The defensive ineptitude of this team has been surprising since Rex Ryan took charge, but not that surprising since he’s added his brother to the coaching staff after the performances of the New Orleans Saints in previous seasons.

Tyrod Taylor played well, and the Bills actually have a good quarterback to lead them for a few years going forward. However, the division they’re in, and the situation their defense is in, making it unlikely that their playoff absence of 17 years and counting is going to end anytime soon.

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