10 Best Memes of the Cubs Destroying the Dodgers Again

Things are getting worse and worse for the Los Angeles Dodgers, who suddenly can’t stop the Chicago Cubs from scoring, while the memes mostly make fun of their fans for leaving early two nights in a row.

Those who left early might not see the Cubs again in 2016. The Dodgers have two more games in this series at best, both in Chicago. Maybe the Cubs can’t hit against Clayton Kershaw, but he’s not going to be able to start in both games, and maybe the floodgates have opened (18 runs in two games), and can’t be closed anymore.

The Cubs started hitting, and everything changed. Addison Russell is clobbering home runs. Anthony Rizzo is out of his funk while using another man’s bat. Javier Baez keeps coming up with huge hits that either win games or make sure the Cubs don’t lose ’em. And Jon Lester is turning out to be the team’s MVP in this postseason, or at least the one who can’t do anything wrong.

It does seem like the Dodgers are fighting the whole world. While the Cubs are the best team in the majors, they’re still everyone’s darling for not winning the World Series for such a long time. Things will change the moment they start winning championships, but for now, they need to end the NLCS without something tragic that will feed the curse/goat circlejerk any further.


Meanwhile in San Francisco
Meanwhile in San Francisco

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