21 Funny Memes of the Atlanta Hawks Crushed by LeBron James & the Cleveland Cavaliers

The conference finals should have been closer than this. Meme makers can’t ignore how disappointing the Atlanta Hawks are in the playoffs, and how bad the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James are making them look.

James isn’t the coach of this team. The media loves disrespecting David Blatt, but the reason the guys around James have been playing so well is the coach defining their roles, which they’ve been executing well, even without Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving.

James himself is doing almost anything he wants to on the court. The Hawks can’t slow him down. James doesn’t even need late game winners or buzzer beaters. It hasn’t been close even once.

And Hawks fans, or LeBron haters, have nothing to cling to. No referees “helping” him out, which has never been the case. Simply him, without the rest of his Big three 2.0, a rookie head coach and a bunch of role players doing exactly what’s required of them in order to make the NBA finals.

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