25 Best Memes of Klay Thompson & the Warriors Shocking Durant, Westbrook & the Thunder

Choke jobs by NBA teams make excellent meme material. Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant destroying everything for themselves and the Oklahoma City Thunder against the Golden State Warriors worked perfectly.

Yes, Klay Thompson was having a career night and Andre Iguodala played tremendous defense in the closing minutes. But it was Westbrook and especially Durant who stood out with their terrible decisions and selfishness in the closing minutes, leading the Thunder to a game 7 they really didn’t play.

So while the Cavaliers are resting and smiling (they might not be too happy anymore once the Finals start), the Thunder need to figure out how to beat the Warriors after a crushing loss and the momentum switching sides in this series.

They can do it: They’ve already beaten Golden State in the Oracle Arena in these playoffs and looked good in game 5. But while I do believe it’s more in their hands than in the Warriors hands, it won’t be surprising to see the game 6 blow too difficult for them to overcome.

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