25 Best Memes of Oregon Choking Against TCU

The meme makers were all over Oregon losing a 31-point lead in the Alamo Bowl, mostly making fun of their logo with Sad Michael Jordan faces and cracks about the uniforms, but also mentioning that Chip Kelly is suddenly available.

In the history of college football bowl games, only one other time a team dropped a lead this big and went on to lose, which happened back in 2006. The 31-0 lead the Ducks gave up to lose in triple overtime is the second biggest in FBS history. Everything simply fell apart for them when Vernon Adams left the game injured, although with a 28-0 lead, who thought it would actually make a difference?

Gary Patterson switching his shirt to purple in the second half did the trick. Trevone Boykin wasn’t playing after his arrest last week, but Bram Kohlhausen settled in and started playing like he belongs on the field. He ended up running for the game winning touchdown in the third overtime, and having four to his name when the game was over.

Chip Kelly? He’s not coming back. While the Ducks had a subpar season, plenty of programs will take being with just nine wins as subpar. The question is whether a new quarterback once again (Adams is leaving) means more underachieving by their recent standards, or back into national title contention.

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