14 Best Memes of Peyton Manning Allegedly Cheating With HGH

Whether it’s completely untrue or not, the story about Peyton Manning allegedly using HGH and maybe other PEDs in the past grabbed the attention of meme makers, who also involved Tom Brady in the situation.

How is Brady involved? Well, riffing on the tendency of everyone blaming the New England Patriots for pretty much anything, there are two versions to the Brady involvement: One is that he’s behind this somehow, sending the packages to Ashley Manning (Peyton’s wife), and in another to show the hypocrisy of ESPN and other major media outlets, who aren’t making too big of a deal in this case, unlike anything Patriots-involved.

Right now it’s one person talking on an Al Jazeera documentary, which means it doesn’t sound too credible. Manning himself has categorically denied all allegations regarding his HGH use, and is arming himself with some heavy guns (a speaker for now) in order this escalates somehow.

Even if Manning is found as someone who cheated with PEDs, it means a four game suspension. Frankly, I don’t see Manning playing another year, although you really never know what’s in the mind of a player who is struggling letting go of the past. The hit to his image and legacy? That’s a very different questions, that might have much more serious implications.

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