22 Best Memes the Philadelphia Eagles Firing Chip Kelly

The Philadelphia Eagles brought joy to the world of meme makers by firing Chip Kelly, giving them the opportunity to rejoice at the agony of someone they’ve been making fun of all season long, while also helping them put Tim Tebow back on the frontline for his minimal involvement in all of this.

What does Tebow have to do with this? Well, he did play on the preseason team and wasn’t too bad, but was still released by Kelly, who now can no longer defend any of the decisions he made in the offseason, which felt strange at the time, and now simply look terrible.

The thing about Kelly is he had a fantastic start with the Eagles, making the playoffs and going 20-12 through the first two seasons. Becoming the general manager as well as the head coach was too much for him – he did poorly at both jobs.

Now it’s up to him to see if the NFL still wants him, or maybe it’s time to take what worked in college back to… well, college. And the Eagles? It’s another restart button press for them, going backwards in the last three years instead of becoming a better franchise.

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