15 Best Memes of the Fat Tony Romo Photo

Crying Jordan Fat Romo

We’ll begin by saying this: Tony Romo isn’t fat. The picture is either scaled to make him look stocky, or this is simply photoshop. But people who make memes don’t care, so the Dallas Cowboys quarterback looking overweight spreads like wildfire.

The jokes comprise of Austin Powers characters, but mostly junk food references, from Whataburger to McDonald’s. It makes sense. Even if Romo isn’t actually way overweight as he begins training camp, it’s just funnier to believe that he is, spending his recovery processes chowing down on quarter pounders and chicken wings.

If this was on a lot of other teams, people wouldn’t care, and wouldn’t even bother making the meme, or photoshopping it in the first place. But these are the Cowboys and Romo, so any opportunity for a joke, even on something that doesn’t exist, is an opportunity that shan’t be missed.

Fat or not, the Cowboys’ suspension list growing at an alarming rate is something the team should be worried about. And even if Romo has packed on a few pounds, it might help him protect his fragile collarbone a little bit better. The Cowboys are always one Romo injury from a season going down the drain.

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