15 Best Memes of David Ortiz & the Boston Red Sox Swept by the Cleveland Indians

A lot of baseball fans are happy to see the Boston Red Sox season ending in a whimper, getting swept by the Cleveland Indians in the ALDS, with the memes focusing on the humiliation and David Ortiz retiring.

It’s always funny when a team that has a $200 million payroll gets stuffed by someone paying around half that number. The Indians were better in every game of the series, not stealing it out of nowhere. It was even sweeter for them completing the job in Fenway Park, making Ortiz’ final game in Boston a sad-ending one, despite his reputation as being a winner and clutch.

The man who delivered the biggest blow was non-other than Coco Crisp, a midseason pickup who knew he won’t be playing much for Cleveland. However, he has been quite useful when they’ve played him, getting a 3-run homer this time against a team he helped win the World Series a long time ago.

Ortiz said that the PED allegations from 2003 have never really gone away, even if there are so many things pointing to the tests back then being faulty. And now that his wait for the hall of fame begin, there will be plenty pointing out he should be kept out of the hall, despite no one actually knowing if he took or them or not.

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