19 Best Memes of the Sam Bradford Trade Between the Eagles & Vikings

Missing receivers

The Minnesota Vikings decided it’s time to change to meme conversation, or simply go all-in for the Super Bowl, and made a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles for Sam Bradford, which has everyone talking and mostly laughing.

Bradford isn’t a bad quarterback, but it seems he’s spent most of his career injured. So him coming in to save the Vikings season because their starting quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater, got injured, is a little bit laugh-inducing. The nickname Mr. Glass didn’t come from nowhere.

So a first round and a fourth round pick, that can turn into a second round pick, for Bradford? Seems steep, doesn’t it? It shows how serious the Vikings are about their chances this year. They were one bad BLair Walsh field goal from finally winning a playoff game, and they feel that a quarterback who is starter-level can take them far this year, with the combination of their defense and talent on defense.

And surprisingly, it does take the debate from Colin Kaepernick away for a bit. It means the Eagles are closer to start Carson Wentz and liked what they saw from him during the preseason, despite being someone who is making quite a jump from the FCS to the NFL, and that Chase Daniel, despite the kind of money he’s being paid, is in fact a backup.

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