7 Best Memes of Ryan Lochte Lying About Getting Robbed

Michael Phelps with 3 Crying Jordans

In a bizarre twist to a successful Olympic games for the United States in the swimming competition, Ryan Lochte lies about getting robbed at gunpoint, escapes Brazil while his friends and teammates remain in the nation to be questioned by the police, who seem to have uncovered the lie. Memes were bound to come out quickly.

According to the Brazilian authorities (which might not be the most dependable, although the video that came out of the scene at the gas station (soon more details) show that Lochte was probably lying), Lochte, Jack Conger, Jimmy Bentz and Jimmy Feigen, made a stop at a gas station. One of them tried to get into a bathroom, but the door was locked. So the four of them huffed, puffed and shoved, breaking the door down. The guys also urinated on one of the walls outside the gas station.

A security guard, armed, confronted them, but according to the police, he never pulled out or pointed his gun. The gas station manager arrived, asked them to pay for the door, they paid a certain sum and left. From there, came Lochte’s version (about being robbed at gun point), and while Lochte left Brazil, Conger and Bentz were taken off a flight leaving to the United States. According to the Brazilian police, they admitted the story was fabricated.

I don’t buy into the theory that Lochte’s legacy will be tarnished. This seems more like a night out for some frat guys gone a little bit wrong. It doesn’t take away his gold medals and everything he’s done for USA swimming, and even before this incident, he was never considered the straightest arrow or clearest individual there is. Actually, who things turned out seems a lot more like a Lochte night out with the guys would go down.

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