20 Best Memes of the New York Jets Losing a Playoff Spot to the Pittsburgh Steelers

Meme makers had a field day with the New York Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick letting a playoff spot slip away from their fingers by losing to the Buffalo Bills and allowing the Pittsburgh Steelers to make it in instead.

This was Rex Ryan trolling the Jets for a second time this season, and in a more serious way: Not having anything to play for, but still ruining the season for the Jets by beating them. The Bills had .500 to play for, nothing more. But in division rivalries, ruining it for another team is almost like making the postseason yourself. The Miami Dolphins weren’t exactly sad when they beat the s*** out of the New England Patriots.

The Jets managed to step away from their shocked ability in the first half and make it a two point game up until the middle of the fourth quarter, but two awful throws from Fitzpatrick were intercepted, as a quarterback who never made the playoffs and seemed to be hitting a new, successful phase of his career immediately reverted back to the guy who had so many disappointing seasons while playing for the Bills themselves.

This wasn’t a bad season for the Jets. It’s never a bad season when you go 10-6. But to come so close to making the playoffs for the first time since 2010 and losing their biggest game of the year is going to remain with the players and coaching staff for quite a while, trying to forget about it during the offseason.

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Images: NFL Memes & Football Birds