14 Best Memes of the Seahawks Stunning Tom Brady & the Patriots

Just like in their Super Bowl matchup, everything was set up on the goal line to run and win. Only the New England Patriots, in a reverse role this time, chose to pass. The Seattle Seahawks defense stood and won the game. You can guess what the memes were like before scrolling down.

This was just a regular season game this time, not the one for the championship, but making fun of a team, especially the Patriots, is recommended anytime, anyday. Pete Carroll made the mistake of not running the ball almost two years ago. Maybe Belichick should have called him for advice.

It was one of those games that exposed the flaws the Patriots have, most of them on defense. Their linebackers unit is very weak after Belichick thinned it out over the last few months, exposing the softness of the secondary. Evil geniuses can sort these things out, but maybe Belichick went too far with the plug-and-play scheme this time.

And the Seahawks suddenly look like a team that doesn’t have too many weaknesses, not when Russell Wilson is healthy. The defense is incredible, and Wilson takes care of the rest. Super Bowl material? Certainly in the NFC.

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