17 Best Memes of the Arizona Cardinals Beating the Awful Blaine Gabbert & the San Francisco 49ers

The only thing interesting about a Thursday night football game between two 1-3 teams? The memes that would be put to use in order to make fun of the San Francisco 49ers, Blaine Gabbert, and just a tad Arizona Cardinals.

There are a number of reasons the Cardinals didn’t get as much attention from the memes:

  1. They won
  2. They played a backup quarterback, Drew Stanton, who had a weird game, completing only 11-of-28 passes, but throwing two touchdown passes
  3. It’s the Cardinals. They don’t generate that much animosity and ridicule on a national level

On the other hand, the 49ers, are a joke for a second straight season. They were always going to tank this season, and it seems like it. Colin Kaepernick on the sidelines doing his thing, while Blaine Gabbert is doing his terrible thing on the field. The 49ers aren’t going to win the NFC West. They’re not going to finish above 4th in the NFC West.

Two players who do deserve a good word or two? David Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald, both scoring two touchdowns, while Johnson also ran for 157 yards. The Cardinals defense also had 7 sacks. But memes aren’t about commending the best players, only making fun of the worst.

49ers-suck-meme 49ers-cardinals-trash chip-kelly-farley colin-kaepernick-kneeling ive-got-a-w crying-jordan-over-san-francisco 49ers-fan-crying-jordan sf-tram-crying-jordan blame-gabbert legend-of-49ers-fans quest-for-6 49ers-do-nothing 49ers-eliminated new-49ers-clothes 3-teams-ahead-of-us-chip yall-finished-or-yall-done-49ers nfl-laughing-at-the-49ers