8 Best Memes of Conor McGregor Knocking Out Eddie Alvarez

If there was any doubt about who the king of the UFC is, Conor McGregor knocked out Eddie Alvarez and sent his fans into a meme rampage, glorifying his achievement of becoming the UFC’s first two-division champion at the same time.

McGregor finishes 2016 on a high. As the all-ruling king of MMA. He’s almost bigger than the sport itself at this point. He’s a ratings magnet, who is worth quite a lot to the cities he fights in, and besides his terrific fighting ability, he’s simply the kind of character organizes love.

He doesn’t f***ing shut up, win or lose. He almost left the UFC earlier this year. Maybe the first loss to Nate Diaz, his first defeat since 2010, made him overthink some things. But he stormed back with a win in the rematch, and ends 2016 at the highest possible point.

What’s next? Doesn’t matter. The UFC just hopes McGregor doesn’t get bored and finds somewhere else to fight. He’s a gold-egg laying goose or chicken or some other bird you prefer in metaphors. He’s impossible to take your eyes off, and he makes the UFC that much more interesting, especially when he wins.

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