10 Best Memes of Tom Brady Getting an Ugly Haircut

Tom Brady Crying Jordan

In perfect correlation with the still ongoing preseason, Tom Brady made himself noticeable while on suspension thanks to a haircut so ugly, meme makers just couldn’t resist the opportunity.

So what does Brady’s new haircut look like? Well, definitely 1990’s. From soccer mom, to that kid from Home Improvement (Jonathan Taylor Thomas), or a very young Leo Dicaprio? Something along those lines. I was mostly reminded of Marcy D’Arcy, but maybe it’s because I’m a huge Married with Children fan.

Not that Brady cares. This isn’t the first time people have freaked out about a new hairstyle he chose to go along with. His fashion decisions are… well, bold. Interesting. Usually have nothing to do with actual sense of style, and this is a man married to a supermodel.

But maybe Brady just wants the attention. Suspended for the first 4 games of the regular season, he needs people talking about him and not Jimmy Garoppolo. As if being a four-time Super Bowl champion in a city obsessed to a fault with its sporting heroes isn’t enough attention.

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