21 Best Memes of the United Kingdom Voting to Leave the European Union

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Sportige isn’t a politics site, but the quality of memes hitting the Internet since the United Kingdom referendum determined the majority (small one, but still a majority) of voters want to leave the European Union, make this event too difficult to ignore, even for us.

This isn’t an immediate thing. Even if the citizens of the United Kingdom chose to leave the European Union, regardless of what this means for the British economy, stability (Scotland and Northern Ireland already seeking an exit due to the results) and the knowledge of the people casting votes, there’s still a long way to go before the United Kingdom, or what remains of it later on, is officially completely detached from the EU.

This isn’t stopping from people who have had zero interest in foreign politics to shower the world with their opinion, describing those choosing to exit the EU as idiots. Maybe the decision will turn out to be a wrong one, but as one of the memes describes, 24 hours of following the news doesn’t make anyone an expert on Anglo-European relationships.

Memes might not be the most subtle way of providing social criticism, but they’re often handing out a much more accurate way of shedding off masks, and revealing the truth behind these things. Whether or not this means a collapse of everything Western Europe has been trying to hold together for the last 60 years or not, at least we’re getting a chance to laugh about it.

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