17 Best Memes of Tony Romo, Dak Prescott as Dallas Cowboys Keep Winning

The Dallas Cowboys winning? Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott playing like superstars, not rookies? That’s getting old. The memes are bored with the Cowboys doing this well, so they’re picking on Tony Romo in between.

Always meme “darlings”, the Cowboys remain interesting when winning, but not like when they’re bad. However, Romo back in uniform but still on the sidelines, with Prescott officially keeping his starting quarterback job for the rest of the season, is generating the kind drama meme makers love.

However, there’s no drama. There’s simply a very good quarterback who got injured one time too many, and the Cowboys finally managed to find someone good enough to take over the position. Romo isn’t fighting it behind the scenes or anything. He knows the Cowboys are doing great with Prescott, and it’d be madness to change a winning formula now.

As for the Cowboys, the complaints about them not winning against good teams may continue, because after beating a good team like the Baltimore Ravens (or the Pittsburgh Steelers) we’ll start hearing complaints about how they haven’t beaten anyone elite. None of that matters as they stay in control of the NFC East, holding on to the best record in the NFL.

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