Garrett McNamara Possibly Surfed the World’s Biggest Wave in Nazare Again

Owning the Guinness World Record for surfing the biggest wave in history isn’t enough. Garrett McNamara might have beaten his own record set two years ago by surfing a monster wave that seems to be a 100-foot wave, catching it in Nazaré, Portugal.

The current (or maybe previous) world record stands at 78 feet, obviously done by McNamara, also achieved in the same location. He broke it in 2011, eclipsing the previous record  by 1 feet.

The image of McNamara riding the wave was captured by Tó Mané, one of the best surf photographers in Europe. Garrett McNamara traveled from Hawaii and hit the water with Kealii Mamala. Kamaki Worthington and Hugo Vau served as their support team on the jetski.

The conditions couldn’t have been better, but now it’s all a matter of measurements. Did McNamara, who also has rides on tidal waves from calving glaciers in Alaska written in his resume, break his own record by more than 20 feet or is this a wave that looks very impressive to the naked eye, but won’t go down in history as the biggest one ever surfed?

Image: Source